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in a state of trance

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2/9/10 04:49 pm

oh well its my birthday and i'm not home for it this time for the 2nd year. i'm at school doing hw on a rainy day. its cold...
7 hours more till the actual day ends and i still hope for the 1 text from that someone. BUT its probably not going to happen.
life sucks i guess. and so happy birthday to meeee (:

thanks for those who wished me! i really appreciate it and hope to see all of you back home! 

1/30/10 10:24 pm

wondering. wishing the impossible

1/29/10 02:46 am

so i havent updated since oct last year.
i must say 2009 has been a great year with all its ups and downs but overall i think that was the greatest year i've had so far. 2010 isnt exactly how i wanted to start it after coming to the states before i start school on the 1st of feb. i cant wait till school starts really :D
1. i feel pretty much lonely again
2. found out that chinese new year is on the 14th of feb, unlike other years when i get to collect those red packets and be with my family

i dont knw. everyone, everythings different. hopefully it changes for the better because right now, i'm pretty much " running, running on empty"
missing everyone back home now :/
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thanks for those who made my 2009 the best it could beeeeeee :D:D

10/21/09 03:13 pm


10/20/09 06:07 pm

okay so i'm in school studying and i come into the library and see kirstens face like this

so i asked her why that face! kirsten said that the guys ( jeremy and redrod) were describing girls as meals! i was like huh wth... i was so interested in their conversation because they were pointing out who looks like what and it came down to me and kirsten. jeremy was like kirsten, you can be my side dish- baked potato! haha that seriously killed me, couldnt stop laughing because it was rather insulting, mine wasnt as amusing because i was the crunchy roll...no link whatsoever. hahah well all i can say is that guys have weird conversations but highly entertaining! 
i was happy today, i had chipotle for lunch! :D tommy, anton and myself went in HALF AN HOUR before class! 

10/18/09 08:07 pm

wow its been almost a month since i last updated. sorry guys, ive just been preoccupied or rather making myself preoccupied with stuff. things you don't wanna know. but i went to vegas again last weekend! it was such a short trip, left on sat and came back on sunday. steven and i drove there to see armin van buuren dj-ing at rain nightclub. it was AAAAWWEESOOOMMMEEE. somewhat the best night ever since you knw what. it was good feeling that way for once really.

schools been normal, normal being, homework and constant assignments due AND tests every other week. that pretty much take up my mondays to thursday full time from 8 to 8! 
oh oh i'm proud of myself for getting a 98/100 for my speech communications class. HOORAY. i don't think i deserved it cause i only prepared for it the night before! hahaha
applications for schools have just started so i'm working on it and i'm just planning to transfer to longbeach, not so far away from everyone because i like where i am right now. however, the budget cuts are making all prospective students' life so much harder, the risen gpa etc, stressful period to be in right now :/

the past two weeks my aunt and uncle were away, had the house all to myself. it was good and bad because i'm a sucker for all the ghostly things and paranoia when i come back in the wee hours in the morning.
hm what else did i miss out?! 
KNOTTS SCARY FARM, we went on thursday night, charlene, michael, andrew b., andrew m, ken, kevin myself and like 10 others. it was freaking scary at first because all the creepers were out walking in the park and scaring you right in your face. literally making those eery noises! the mazes were so well decorated and stuff, superb but scary frightening at the same time. after that we rode the rides! 

yada yada yada. oh the weather is being so sucky, its been scorching hot and the next moment freezing
i miss everyone back home dearly. wish i can see/speak/hug everyone of you! 

♥JIA: welcome back! bet you missed your comfy bed! hope all is well! 

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9/26/09 12:05 pm

wow, i havent posted up anything since the 16th! hmm i must say my life isnt interesting at all to update about anything. BUTTT on the lighter note, i managed to scrape an A for my first mass communications paper. thats probably the best thing so far.
i'm over at my cousins again in LA. and we went out last night, steph, steven, winoto and myself, had a bad/fun night, ahaha cant tell you exactly but those of you whom i told, haha yes pretty bad huh.

gosh, how i miss everyone back home AND the past summer. it was the best ever really :D
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9/16/09 08:39 pm

third week of school is rather hectic and studying at home is so unproductive. i have resorted to studying in school in the library at night while its quite. i shall start next week! 
haha something to laugh about

9/13/09 09:24 pm

9/9/09 09:12 pm

2nd week of school has resumed, though i'm taking a full load of five classes this semester, i'm not so much preoccupied by it but the fact that outside things are going on, its pretty hard to concentrate.
I just wish it was that easy to forget or to not care.... how to.
-maybe talking to me about it first would have been better by coming up with an agreement rather than cut me off from your life just like that i'm guessing it hurt me more than it hurt you
-maybe not giving up so easily would show that you really wanted it to work
-maybe telling the actual truth would have made it easy to get over you
-maybe, just maybe a little text/call to see how i was could have even mattered if you cared that much
-maybe i'm just asking too much, no?

i'm taking it day by day but its still hard, i try to keep a straight/happy front but as soon as i come home from a long and tiring day from school, all the thinking comes back.
it sucks, it really does.
thinking that it'll probably last was just too good to be true

plus, i really wonder what you're thinking cause from my point of view, it seems you don't care anymore

i'm just not having a great day today so i had to let it all out! 

jetskiing on friday, something to really look forward to finally.
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